Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Weight matters... or does it?!

I've been reading/joining in with the Weight Watchers forums since joining class and although I mainly stay in the 5+ part, I have ventured into other parts of the forum, mainly the New Community Members section and it was in there that it really got me thinking.

We're all the same, everyone, no matter what weight, is there for one reason - to loose weight and encourage each other in doing so. There'll be hundreds more lurkers than there are posters, but one thing we do all have in common is that we feel a bit pants about the way we look and we want to do something about it.

Who defines what is right or wrong?
Yeah there are guidelines as to what we should all weigh - there's the 'ideal weight' chart given to us when we join WW, as well as the guidelines given by the National Health Organisation on BMI etc... all that might be well and good; however, our personal guidlines are something completely different!

I have been the size (and weight) that I am now on a few occasions in my life, I've also been slimmer, and even a little bit bigger than I am now. However, I've also been slimmer, and as an adult I've probably been down to a 16 at most! However, there must have been a point when I went past 16 and carried on going, only to decide 'this is it', and do something about it... thinking about it, it was probably the time when I joined Slimming World (about 10 years ago). I can't honestly remember what weight I was back then, but I'd say I was probably around a 20, but back then that was my breaking point!

Right now I'd give anything to be a size 20 again, and obviously that point will be on the horizon. I guess my point is that when I get to a 20 I'll feel on top of the world, I know I will, and I'll feel sexy and like I can wear fashionable clothes again and much more confident... however, back then that was my breaking point!

Everyone sets themselves their breaking point, but its all in the mind. There's people on WW forum who weigh 11 stone and say they feel hideous, un-fit and un-healthy, yet there's also people on there who are 20 stone having lost 8 stone already - they obviously feel amazing because they've come so far.

Its mad really to think of the time I've spent wasting my life wishing I was something I'm not and thinking I'm bigger than I am. When I look back at some photographs I can remember thinking I looked hideous - but looking at that photograph now I'd kill to be back at that size.

Size is a state of mind....

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